29 Jul

Breakfast for weight-loss


There is a word war going out there on internet whether breakfast is actually beneficial for weight loss or it is just another meal of the day. While I am still not sure which side to pick, I definitely am sure that breakfast is important for overall health. Now a day, it is impossible to take time out of our busy schedules and actually make effort to prepare breakfast, unless you are full-time mother or homemaker or a freelancer perhaps, or you are like me, who has the opportunity to maintain work- life balance because of my awesome team.
Here are a few logical reasons why I think breakfast is the best meal of the day and should not be skipped at all.
1. Fuels for the day
Say you are going on a road trip. Would you leave for an unknown place without fuelling your car or you will make sure to load the tank fully? Your day is not less than a road trip. You don’t know what is your next task, your next destination and you have too much to do throughout the day. It is almost uncertain that you will stop for a moment to grab a lunch in between your important work sessions. A good heavy breakfast will make sure your body has sufficient energy to perform well throughout
the day, without you becoming a hunger-deprived workaholic.

2. A great day starts with a happy stomach
Everybody knows it and feels it. An empty stomach is an enemy of your brain. When you start working without fuelling your stomach, chances are you will end up redoing that work simply because you couldn’t concentrate. It is purely logical. If your stomach is empty, your brain will concentrate on sending you signals about your need to fill up stomach instead of grasping on the work you want to focus on.
3. The ‘a.m.’ magic

Once again let us think this logically. Let’s consider we are out shopping and your challenge is to fill up only one single basket. Now, if you start filling up big quantities of healthy food like veggies, fruits, whole grains, legumes and pulses, etc., you end up having less space for junk food. Similarly, breakfast is like filling up on healthy food so eventually you feel satiated and eat less of junk food. Now another reason is, at morning you are at home and you actually can choose what you eat. Whereas throughout the day you are either at office or school and have less healthy options around. If you don’t have breakfast, you will end up choosing that quick burger takeaway or that cheap but unhealthy fast-food item you get outside your offices and schools.

4. There’s nothing to lose

Okay, internet is confused whether eating breakfast leads to weight-loss or not. However, there is no evidence that eating breakfast results in weight gain! Therefore, there is nothing to lose. In fact, if not weight-loss, breakfast surely has other health benefits. Since you mostly choose a healthier breakfast that healthy start will help you make better choices of meals throughout the day. Also, a balanced breakfast will give you best of the micro nutrients required for body.

5. The famous saying

As the old and wise saying goes,
“BREAKFAST like a king,

LUNCH like a prince and
DINNER like a pauper”

People swear by this proverb and it’s been there throughout the history of weight-loss. So why to fall in the valley of word battles of internet and get confused? I hope I have made enough logical reasoning for you to start having breakfast regularly.

So guys, let us all pledge to have a healthy breakfast. And hey! Here is a great way for vegetarians to consume protein supplements with this delicious Wellness NutriShake. Now that being said, here are some posts that will help you with your breakfast ritual:

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