21 Jun

Kitchen To Conference


My story of being a mother to being an entrepreneur.

From kitchen to conference, my journey is a story I proudly share. Hi, I am Ketki Bhatti, a gold director in Oriflame. Today I would like to share my story with you all. I hope it inspires you to achieve your dreams like I did.

I ran an editing studio in Delhi before we moved to Mumbai. Soon I found myself in an endless pool of business opportunities. I strived hard to find a suitable work profile so that I could play well the role of being a mother and a successful Entrepreneur.

On a cheerful day, I happened to stumble upon a paper which was about Oriflame business opportunity meeting. That small piece of paper has probably led me to where I am right now. I was curious and nervous. I attended skin care workshop and exclaimed, wow, this is a great way to start churning in extra income and plus I will get to improve my skin as well. Without much of thinking and little guts in stomach, I jumped right in.

Initially I usually used the products for myself. Who doesn’t like 20% flat discount and many free goodies? The more I knew what I was using on my skin, the better I could treat my skin. A month passed by and in my last order of the month, I received a lovely Hamper Price(Welcome Program). I jumped with happiness! It made me happy and content. A week later, my group leader convinced me to join the Oriflame catalog launch event, and I agreed to attend the event.

I had expected a small gathering where people from same field will meet and greet, and may be some kind of product demo will happen. I reached there only to find myself in a great awe. There was a huge stage and a whole lot of people and glamour surrounding me. That was when I saw the bigger picture. That was when I realised there so much more to Oriflame apart from its well-known beauty products. My leader made me meet the diamond director and other successful people. My curiosity drove me into the depths of this unique opportunity.

I dived deep into the working of this business strategy and laid down my own little game plan. I started taking L1’s and expanded my down line. I would work when my son was napping or when he was at school. This way I could balance my work and life simultaneously. One great thing about Oriflame was the ability to work on your own terms. When I started, my younger son was just four years old and of course, he was my priority.

While I was connecting to people, I looked for potential leaders who had the same energy as me, who were looking for a work which did not disturb their daily life and priorities and people who were ready to explore this unique opportunity. Sometimes I got applications instantly; sometimes it took couple of days and sometimes they wouldn’t apply. But I was persistent and my goal knew no boundaries. Slowly and steadily, I kept growing. I remember to this day, I got my first cheque of Rs. 151. It was a small amount but it surely brought a ray of hope that that cheque is going to get bigger and fatter with time and hard work.

A year passed by. I now had my feet deep down this business. I was having fun, meeting new people and most of it, making decent money. I had achieved Director post and had received a bonus cash award of Rs. 50,000. The family grew bigger and wider. The India top ten Oriflame leaders inspired me. I would attend all the monthly events so I am aware of what is happening in the company.

I kept working smarter rather than ‘harder’. My team and I were working together to achieve our dreams. Today I have been into this business for almost 10 years. My success mantra is – believe in what you do, be persistent, and maintain a good relationship with any person you are dealing with. Give honest opinions, don’t fake. Be presentable. Here, only thing you invest is time. I have took 5 national trips with Oriflame, and one international trip (London) of 10 days fully sponsored by Oriflame, for both my husband and me. Also, I got internationally recognised as well. I have received total cash award of Rs. 1,50,000. This journey has truly been amazing. Even in the darker days of my life, my team was there to support me, and be a family to me. When you work as a team, you not only achieve your dreams but you become the pillars to others dreams as well. My team is my pillars and they are the reason I am where I am. A little hard work, a little persistency and a big smile on your face. Take them together, blend them with dreams and there you have your success recipe ready to rock the world.


With Oriflame,

Beauty goals – check.

Travel goals – check.

Business goals– check.

Thank you for reading my story of kitchen to conference. I hope I was able to inspire you. At the end I would like to say, listen to your inner voice and go kiss the world!

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