29 Jul

Monsoon Hacks


Monsoon is here and we are in love with it all over again. Sure, but inside your home. Once you step out, na-na it is not fun unless you are trying to get wet on purpose. Monsoon brings along frizzy hair, weird skin tantrums, bad odour, fading make-ups, and danger to our expensive shoes and bags! So today, we have some quick hacks, which will help you deal with side effects of monsoon and let you enjoy this beautiful weather with style and confidence.

Skin Care Hacks

  • DO NOT forget sunscreen. If you think sun is hiding behind clouds and you are safe from UV rays, you are wrong. Sun is still up there, emitting UV and trying to burn your skin. Apply sunscreen ½ hour before stepping out. Use a light sunscreen and re-apply at regular interval.
  • Monsoon brings weird changes to our skin. Sometimes oily, other times dry, you cannot say what your skin is going to be for this season. Thus, carry blotting tissues and apply a light, gel-based moisturiser in monsoons. Dab away oil as and when required with blotting tissues.
  • Tighten up your CTM (cleansing-toning- moisturising) routine or else your skin will end up looking dull and gloomy. Use gel or water based products. In addition, rubbing ice cubes can help your skin stay fresh all day.
  • Don’t neglect your poor lips. These are the most affected ones from monsoon. Keep themwell moisturised. Scrub them often.
  • By the way, your diet and water intake plays a huge role in taking care of skin. Eat your veggies, drink a lot of water, and enjoy sipping some green tea as well.

Hair Care Hacks

  • Manage your frizzy hair by using an anti-frizz hair spray. Spray immediately after taking shower.
  • Use weather-control hair shampoo and conditioners. After shampooing, use cotton tee shirt to dry your hair instead of towel.
  • DO NOT skip conditioner at any case. Wash hair regularly to avoid dandruff. Conditioner will help your hair remain frizz free and keep it soft and manageable.
  • It’s a good idea to apply some sort of fragrance to your hair. Read our extensive guide on perfume here and scroll down to see how you can make your hair smell good.
  • Avoid open hair so it does not become unmanageable to handle. Try buns, braids, and neat tie-ups.
  • Oil your hair regularly. It will help retain the texture of hair and keep them moisturised.
  • Avoid using hair styling products such as straighteners and blow dryers. It will only make hair more frizzy and make you look like zombie!

Feet Care Hacks

  • Yes. Everyone’s feet stinks during monsoon. Sometimes it becomes unbearable and gives a very bad impression of us. First step is to avoid. Before heading out, spray your footwear and feet with sanitizer and let it dry for 2 minutes. After that, sprinkle some foot powder and head out.
  • It’s always wise to carry foot powder along with you, especially when you have meeting to attend. Carry tissue papers to wipe feet and footwear off to remove mud and gunk.
  • Wash your feet regularly. Scrub twice a week to keep fungal infections away. Do not forget to moisturize your feet as well.
  • You can also carry deodorant and spray it to your feet and footwear while on the go.

Makeup hacks

  • Waterproof makeup are obviously your best friend when is showering upon you and you do not want to look like one of the cursed doll from a horror movie.
  • Use light matt foundation but a waterproof one so it doesn’t slip down in rain.
  • Always set your makeup using a setting spray or loose powder. This will make sure your makeup doesn’t get off easily even with a slightest moisture.
  • Do not over do your eyes. Use nude and light colours for eye shadows. If at all you wish to apply kajal or eye liner, apply waterproof ones. However, not using kajals or liners at all is advisable.
  • Waterproof mascara is your best bet to boost up your eye look.
  • As contrast to nude make up, get your lips dirty and bold. Choose bright, high pigmented and matt lipsticks. It will give you a colour pop and stand against the gloomy weather. Never apply cream based lipsticks unless you want to again, look like a zombie.

Perfume Hacks

  • Okay, this is the most important monsoon essentials ever. Do not forget to wear perfume at all. Now, you can refer this perfume guide to choose the perfect perfume for monsoon.
  • Use the walk-through method for this season. Do not forget to spray into hair as well.
  • Carrying perfume along with you is a smart idea. You may get stinky and smell like a wet dog once you enter somewhere indoor. Re-apply perfume as and when needed.
  • Apply Vaseline or any unscented moisturiser generously to the area you apply perfume. This will help the perfume to stay longer on your body.

That’s all guys, now you have handy tips to survive the side-effects of this lovely season. Follow these tips and walk out with your head held high and eyes full of dreams!
Until next time,
Stay beautiful, stay blessed.

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