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NovAge Ecollagen


About NovAge

With Oriflame NovAge Ecollagen, Correct your wrinkles by following this steps.

Backed up by extensive research and development, NovAge targets the 12 signs of ageing that are the biggest enemies of skin. We have three sub categories under NovAge, each meant for different skin types and various end results. The Ultimate Lift, the Ecollagen, and the Bright Sublime. Each has ingredients carefully selected and blended to give you best results in your skin care goals.

NovAge Ecollagen
Company claims:

  • Smoothens and revitalise the appearance of your skin.
  • Dramatically corrects wrinkles by up to 33% and refines skin tone and texture to transform your complexion – clinically proven.
  • Smoother skin that looks radiant, fresh and healthy.
  • Recommended for all skin types.


  • CellActive technology – mild yet effective cleansing ingredients along with moisturising and conditioning components.
  • CellRenew technology in toner has hydroxyl acids and humectants that exfoliate away dull, dead skin cells, promotes renewal and keeps skin hydrated.
  • Patented Tri-Peptide Technology- protects against UV radiation and smoothens wrinkles.
  • Caffeine stimulates and tones the eye area.


  • One can either buy the six routine products individually or as a whole set.
  • Green and white combination makes connection with nature and its unparalleled benefits.
  • The packaging and materials used is environment friendly and recyclable.

Is NovAge Ecollagen for me?

  • If your goal is to achieve improved complexion, refine skin tone and texture and if you want to reduce wrinkles, NovAge Ecollagen is for you.

How to use

  • STEP 1: Cleanse use NovAge Refining Foaming Gel Cleanser to keep the skin fresh, nourished and hydrated. It removes make up, dead skins and impurities from your skin and keeps it plump. This is most important step.
  • TIP- apply other skin products only after cleansing for optimal results.

  • STEP 2: TONE use NovAge Skin Renewing to prepare the skin for absorbing nutrients from products efficiently. Take a few drops of toner on a cotton ball and dab all over the face and neck.

  • STEP 3: EYES use NovAge Ecollagen wrinkle smoothing Eye Cream to reduce wrinkles around your eyes. Use your ring finger to apply a tiny amount of product under your skin. Use semi-circular motion for 10 seconds. Gently dab the area so that the skin can absorb the product better.
  • TIP- Any under eye product should be applied on the semi-circular bone below the eyes and not on skin exactly below eyes for maximum benefits.

  • STEP 4: BOOST use Ecollagen wrinkle smoothing Serum to boost the effect of your day creams and night creams and to quicken the anti-wrinkle process. It helps the ingredients reach the seventh layer of skin. Simply take a pearl size serum on your fingertip, apply dots all over your face and massage into the skin and neck area.
  • TIP- use circular motion for face and upward strokes on neck area.

    • STEP 5 and 6: MOISTURISE use Ecollagen wrinkle smoothing Day Cream 15 SPF to protect your skin against harmful UV rays and to hydrate your skin. Moisturising gives required nutrients to your skin. Before going to bed, use NovAge Ecollagen Wrinkle Smoothing Night Cream as our body does its most of the wear and tear work at night. Simply take a pearl size cream on your fingertip, apply dots all over your face and massage into the skin and neck area.


  • For best result, follow a rigid skin care routine. Cleansing, Toning and Moisturising (CTM) are steps not to be missed at all if you aim for a good result.
  • Follow the above steps twice a day, one after waking up and one before your go to bed.
  • It takes time to repair the damaged skin. Have patience and be consistent. There’s no way one can get rid of all the skin products in a day or two.
  • Eat healthy, drink enough water and smile!

My Take
I have been personally using NovAge Ecollagen since November’15. The change I have seen in my skin is beyond imagination. I could feel my skin brighter and radiant almost immediately after first week of use. Within a month, my skin was smoother and more even, the spots on my cheeks reduced to great extent. This is a concentrated product thus this entire set will easily last for 6-7 months which is great! I would definitely recommend to people who really want to get results faster and more permanent in nature. I would happily give 9 out of 10 to NovAge Ecollagen set.

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